Get a free quote…

Seriously has anyone ever paid for an insurance quote?  I mean would you actually call a  1-800 number and pay for an auto insurance quote NO.  Why the heck would you, you are in control.  Without you these companies have no chance of survival so I cannot even imagine a day when you will have to pay for an auto insurance quote.

But despite this I would love to hear from anyone that can go a week without hearing an ad touting “get a free quote.”  Where might you see this offer;

  1. In a mailing, could be a postcard could be an awful generic letter.  Might even have a fake credit card.
  2. On the radio; satellite or terrestrial there is no escaping
  3. It has even gotten to my new friend Pandora
  4. Those awful newspaper inserts that show up over the weekend
  5. On a billboard
  6. On a t.v. commercial
  7. In a banner ad on any website

And the list can keep going.  The key here is that even though your quote is free it cost a chunk of money to get you call in for a quote.  So I think to myself what if they spent all that money to actually keep their rates consistent?  What if they gave back a dividend?  What if they actually spent some money educating the customer versus just trying to get them to call for a quote?

Don’t hold your breath none of these suggestions are likely to occur.  Either way, enjoy your “free” quote with some caution.

Just some ideas, thanks for reading.