Make it easy to…


Why would you make it hard for someone to spend money with you?  No idea.  Human beings are worth money to your business.  For as much commerce has moved on-line a good human being can still beat a computer.  If you don’t believe that you can do the actual math.

I went into Sears then Lowes in order to buy a microwave/hood combination.  Total cost regardless of where I go will be about $350.  Now, let’s say a minimum shift is 4 hours and your basic worker is $11 an hour.  So $44 is spent for me to spend $350.  Not a bad return but yet neither store even had a human being working that could help.  So I left and instead bought it on-line through Home Depot.  Of course I could not buy from Lowes/Sears after the bad experience.  Yes, in hindsight I should have just been on-line however I did hope to pick up the microwave in the store.  Silly me, wasted about 40 minutes of my life on this purchase.

Either way, whether on-line or in person just  make it easy.  Lot’s of people are out to BUY not SHOP so make it easy or of course you can choose the alternative and the consequences that come with it.