The Endangered Species in insurance…

Is your rate staying the same year to year.  It does not happen often but it should be the goal of every agent and policy holder.  Some pieces of reality;

  • What is happening in the economy is not your problem, what is happening in YOUR economy is
  • Just because your company had a bad year does not mean you should pay more
  • It is a privilege for you to allow your company to insure YOU not the other way around
  • Inflation might be the worst excuse of all, 1% inflation does not equal 10% in insurance

So how do you become part of the  endangered species;

  • Review your rates every year
  • Think about loyalty but do not base a buying decision on it
  • Call your agent, I bet he/she would love to hear from you
  • Do all you can reasonably do to lower your rate

Remember keeping your rate the same is almost as good as a reduction.

Thanks for reading.