My time in court

Well it happened, back in June I received a speeding ticket. Yes, I was absolutely speeding however I did plead not-guilty because;

  •  I believe I was not going as fast as the officer says I was
  • I know the implications to my insurance rates
  • I had never been to traffic court so thought it would be fun to go(seriously it was)

So yesterday was the big day, but really 1 hour 45 minutes, so some observations then the numbers.  I call this thoughts from court since there were no cell phones and no tweeting;

  • Are the Police being paid overtime
  • What is the average number of tickets an officer gives per month?
  • One of these kids is not like the others; way overdressed in a pressed shirt and nice slacks
  • I need to know more police officers
  • Are the attorneys being paid by the hour or appearence
  • Is this judge elected or appointed
  • Seriously, to the girl wearing stiletto’s, what were you thinking
  • To the guy with the Thug strut, seriously
  • To the girl growing her hair out, please just cut off the 5 inches of green it looks terrible

On the legal system; Way to lenient.  I think 9.5 out of 10 tickets or other infractions were plead down.  Honestly I went in wanting to be at 11 miles per hour over and got 10.  I would not have plead guilty to the 17 over but I still asked for 9.  I admitted to being 11 over so I feel good about 10.  That being said, I find it hard to believe the other 50 or so people were exactly the same as me.  The court is likely just a microcosm of society in general and since personal responsibility is nearing extinction.  Either way, the numbers;

Now the officer did not appreciate this although it is the truth; There is a difference between 1-10 miles over the limit, 11-15, 15-20, etc.  This is why I asked for 9 mph over not 10.  Fortunately I fall into the category of good credit so this should have minimal effect.  That being said once you hit 15 mph over is when you can possibly see expensive surcharges for 3 years.  The officer did not really care, the $85 court surcharge is a one time thing the insurance surcharge is for three years.  Aw well, you ALWAYS have to ask. I would not expect to hear any more personal experiences on this topic.

As always, use at your discretion.