Insurance companies giving rather than taking?

Cannot help but wonder why insurance companies still mass mail the United States of America.  I admire Berkshire Hathaway and have read the annual report for Geico, it is fascinating and explains why they do so much advertising.  Direct mail is great and when combined with clever ads and phone calls can be great.  BUT what if it all stopped?

See when a small local business uses a Groupon or other really inexpensive offer they are giving to their audience versus Geico or other large company just trying to take.  By giving they get great word of mouth and an increase in business.  Would love to see insurance companies adapt a bit.  How about if we are going to spend $100,000,000 or more on advertising you instead give half your budget to the insurance side of the business so they do not have to raise rates and you spend what you have left telling people about what you did?

Just an idea that will never happen.