Battling mediocrity

Had a small forgetful moment where I used the word pathetic, even in hindsight I stand by my usage.  Fortunately the majority of people I surround myself with think in a similar pattern to me but on occasion a small thinker not interested in helping those around them swims the moat and sneaks through the protective positive wall I have set up.  So what do you do?

YOU RUN THEM OUT OF TOWN AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.  Not to be rude, just because their negativity can be a hindrance to your positivity and who wants that.  Not me.  See if people continue to accept mediocrity you are just as much to blame as the carrier of this hazardous condition.

Those two paragraphs are not a profession of perfectionism, quite honestly all I do is try and that’s all I ask of anyone around me.  Just try and try harder and try even harder to keep improving.  I might snap someday soon if I hear about “The economy…” or my new favorite nemesis ” in these tough economic times….” Don’t like how things are CHANGE THEM.  I am not saying fix the economy I am saying fix your economy, heck until someone other than my wife and I are responsible for our bills I do not care what THE economy is doing.  Heck with any and all risk there is some potential for reward, go for it.  Make sure regardless of the outcome you are willing to sign your name to the outcome.  Some of the best advice I give myself is that I am the only one that measures my success and I win little victories daily, heck sometimes I win hourly.

Good luck, just some thoughts.