Managing the market vs your market, no difference in real estate and insurance

So two of the articles I read over the last few days were about market conditions in Insurance and Real Estate.  Trying to stay up on what is going on around me I read them both and was equally disappointed with the generalizations and ignorance that both had.  In a lot of my reading there are articles geared towards consumers, some towards agents/brokers and some towards company employees.  These must have been towards company employees who have no idea what is actually happening or agents/brokers who love to complain.

Why worry about “The market” let’s think about “your market.”  I know that is what I do everyday and it makes life a lot easier.  Fact is there are a huge amount of macro-economic factors that do not translate down to the individual transaction.  And for those that might translate there are so many ways to get past just about every one of them.  Some specifics;

1. “insurance rates in NY(your state) are on the rise…”  No, they may be for one or even a few companies but there are tons of very good companies whose rates are solid and have remained that way.  Maybe your unwarranted loyalty is the problem.  Maybe you do not check your rates ANNUALLY so you are so far above the market it looks bad.

So in Real Estate the rates are and have been historically low.  Find yourself a solid bank or broker BEFORE you go out and see a home.  Submit everything you are asked to give and you WILL get an accurate budget and save you and your agent lot’s of time

2. But it’s the legislature and the laws they pass and it’s the state of no-fault insurance in NY(your state) that are messing things up.  OR It is hard to by a home, the government and foreclosures are messing everything up.  Seriously when it comes to insurance the laws and government regs are there and not going away.  Instead of worrying about them or even thinking you have a chance to change them GO SELL MORE or HELP MORE PEOPLE BUY.  I appreciate the effort behind funding your Political Action Committee or speaking with your legislature.  Instead of throwing away your money apply it to a marketing campaign.  Instead of talking to your legislature go talk to more customers, talk to some experts in your field so you can better serve your customers.

3. “It’s a buyers market…” or in insurance “it’s a hard market”  Who cares!  IT IS YOUR MARKET TO MAKE.  MAKE IT YOUR OWN.  Whatever you want it to be just make it.  You have more influence on your market than any outside force does. Try something new, try an old time tested technique, cross promote, mail more, e-mail more, blog more, use the rifle approach rather than the shotgun.  READ positive things and ignore nay-sayers in the market.

Either way, just some ideas good luck!