What does your agent do for you?

So the agent you hire, yes you actually hire an agent since a piece of the money you pay to the insurance company is paid to the agent, What do they actually do?

They gather your information and type it into a computer.  Then they hopefully come up with a competitive rate for whatever insurance you are looking for.  Next, they hopefully make it easy to place the coverage with the new company.  Now hopefully somewhere in there they think, that’s right they actually think about you, your home, your cars, etc and help you make a good decision.  An agent should actually ask you questions and not just about numbers.  Here are a few;

Can you right a check for $1000? $2500?  Are you comfortable handling this amount of damage before a claim is filed?

What do you own?  Do you have any collections that are special to you?  Do you own any other homes?  Do any family members live with you?

Do you have any preferences about how we communicate?  E-mail, text, phone, mail?

What else can I help you with?  Anybody I can introduce you to?

That is one I want to focus on, you as a policyholder play a significant role in the bottom line of the company you work with.  Are they treating you that way?  Is the agency making  you a part of the agency or just taking your money?  Would love to know what else the agent can do?

See rates will fluctuate and claims will  happen so I think there should be more to this relationship.  Heck there should be something in place since the reason insurance exists is so that when a bad instance pops up you have a human there for some help.  Since those don’t happen that often let’s do something more in between.