Who are you buying from?

So when buying insurance you can buy from;

Direct; You call directly to the insurance company, just about every company has this option available.

Agent; Similar to buying direct you are calling directly to a company but speaking with an agent of the company.  Think State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, etc.  Definitely a step up and many times this produces a positive result.  On the plus side you SHOULD be getting a human being that  has a vested interest in your policies, happiness and rate.  On the negative, more times than not they only have one company available.  So if rates go up aw well, if you need an insurance they do not offer aw well.  There is also the inherent problem that you have an agent trying to earn a living.

Broker; So now you get a person however this person should have access to an almost unlimited number of companies.  Does this mean you always get the best rate NO.  What it does mean is that you have the opportunity to keep your rate more competitive for a longer period of time.  It also means that the broker does not have to try and force you into one company that may not be the right fit for your insurance needs.

And now for a new seldom seen person; The Consultant, I have not found many others operating this way.  I do not provide quotes, I provide reviews.  I’ll provide you with good sound advice even if it does not mean I end up earning money off of you.  The goal is to help you buy insurance not sell it to you.  Decisions are mostly philosophy based not dollar based yet you have a better chance of a consistent long term rate.

So who are you buying from?