So your rate went up, now what

Don’t panic, somewhere a rate has gone down we just need to find it.  So here are some steps;

  1. Call you current carrier and make sure everything is accurate.  Like it or not unchecked rates go up, let’s just make sure no mistakes occurred.
  2. So we know your policy is correct, now make sure you are getting all discounts you can
  3. Now we check on your annual mileage***typically 8000 or less per year gets a savings
  4. Have you done a driving or other applicable safety course your state allows?
  5. Now we look at coverage, since you may be shopping let’s at least make sure your coverage  is where it should be before you shop.  Don’t be fooled by an agent who cannot explain why you have a certain amount of coverage.
  6. So you’ve given your current company a chance now it is time to shop.  I would suggest a broker since they can do 5-10 quotes pretty quickly
  7. Now it is up to you, if you found a savings, how much is your loyalty worth?