If the weather people are right…

You may want to read this.

So supposedly a Nor’Easter is making it’s way up the east coast bringing 3 inches of rain and maybe some snow.  So in the event it gets here and you or a friend has some problems that may mean an insurance claim here are some tips:

1. It is your job to try and limit the loss once it occurs.  Do the best you can to tarp over any damaged parts of your home.

2. The coverage you have is for your house and other buildings and structures.  If trees and branches fall in your yard you will likely not have coverage for the clean up.

3. Know a good tree person?  If the damage is sever things can get busy, better to call sooner rather than later.

4. DOCUMENT the damage before fixing it.  Emailing photos to your claims adjuster will be greatly appreciated

5. Should water get into the basement or other area of your home be sure to dry it as quickly as possible.

Just some thoughts, hopefully they do not need to be used.