Get a consistent insurance rate IGNORE advertising

Maybe it’s just me but my mailbox, inbox, tweet-stream, radio-stations and T.V. are not flooded with companies pitching a savings on my oil bill, electric bill, health insurance, lawn care and even my mortgage is not overrun with advertisements about lowering my bill.  Yet we review these annually if not sooner to make sure our rate is consistent.

Now compare that to the amount of insurance advertising you hear about “saving” money. The problem is none of it actually tells you how to consistently save.  The hope is you will call and provide your personal information and they will hope you fit into the rate structure they have available.  The odds of you getting some actually useful information about your coverage and adjustments you can make to customize your policy is pretty slim.  That’s a shame.

See your personal characteristics factor really heavily into your rate.  As important as they are you also need to adjust your attitude towards insurance.  It is a CRITICAL piece of your financial plan, give it the attention it deserves.  ONCE A YEAR, that’s it.  Maybe 30 minutes of your time.  Well worth keeping a consistent rate and protecting EVERYTHING you do the rest of the year.