Ignore the insurance commercials

Happily I managed to watch a fair amount of football over the last 4 days or so.  Sadly I was inundated with silly commercial after commercial from a handful of insurance companies.  Here are these huge companies with a massive audience, that they temporarily bought, yet they can only pander to your need for humor and entertainment.

As much as I appreciate Mr. Mayhem from a marketing perspective none of it is backed up by facts.  Stop saying “…this might not be covered.”  Most of the situations you present are very basic occurences and this is a futile attempt at creating fear.  At least put something in the fine print.

Insurance is part of a smart financial plan.  Even though in many cases you are required to buy it smart people buy it because it is pennies buying dollars.  Leave the silly commercials and start actually helping your customers and potential customers.  If you are that good maybe you do not even need to advertise.  Maybe you rely on great service and word of mouth.  Just a thought.