Inside this envelope is a simple way…

that you could save $500 on car insurance.

This was written on the outside of a marketing piece by a large auto insurance provider.  Inside was a simple letter advising the reader to call.  Great marketing piece, simple, to the point, easy to read and includes a call to action.  The problem I have is calling a phone number and saving $500 on your auto insurance is not really a good thing.

See a nice savings is up to say $300 and even this is not necessarily possible year to year if nothing about you, your home or your autos has changed.  Saving $500 is really only possible if you have not reviewed your insurance in a couple of years.  The other way is to make changes to your coverage whether they make sense or not.

So here are some practical ways to save on auto insurance. Keep in mind $500 may not be practical.  So just go into this thinking about savings:

  • Consider a defensive driving or other safety courses in your state.  Typical savings is 10% or more
  • Look at your deductibles.  $1000 on your home should be the norm and taking a $1000 on your vehicle physical damage makes more and more sense.
  • review any credits the company offers and make sure you are getting everything you can
  • review your annual mileage on your vehicles this may present savings if it says less than 8000 or so per year

These are much better and will provide a consistent rate versus making a phone call and lowering coverage.