18 years, now what

That’s right, I started 11/11/02 but it took about 4 months of training before Ralph became my first customer.  I’m not sure what Ralph is up to, and honestly, I have lost touch with 1000s of Ralphs.  Hopefully, on some level, I can get better at keeping in touch with people either directly or indirectly.
Although I am certainly better at keeping in touch, what I am also certainly better at is helping people buy insurance.  Has insurance changed over the years? Of course, the world evolves and so has insurance.  But, not every broker has kept up in the same way just like not everyone prepares for the future in the same way, studies the same changes, or values the same things.
The role for me and whoever is working with me is the same; Help people buy insurance.  Ideally, we help you spend less and get more or get more and spend the same or otherwise fill the holes your current plan has and make the improvements you want to make.  
Although I am far from perfect, the way I do things seems to work well.  Based on the policies I tend to replace, it seems like not everyone is doing things as well as they can.
So, please consider getting a second opinion on your insurance and just maybe getting it with me.