Just keep in touch

In the last week, a customer left, no news there, but I have donated to a fundraiser they did and do sort of know them. Yesterday, another customer came in with a gift for me and one of our team.  Actually very tasty olive oil.  The first one checks more “boxes” that most companies look for and spent at least twice as much with us.  The second spends half the amount of money and doesn’t “fit” common profiles of what a company wants.  Below was written May 2014 and has only been updated thanks to Grammarly.

What Else?

One of my favorite questions for sure.  I’m continually stuck on the notion that you/we should strive to be worth sharing.  If you are good enough.  If the mission is strong enough.  If the offering is good enough, it will be shared. Period.

Advertising itself has been ruined by advertisers.  It’s diluted down to a nuisance, an annoyance, worth ignoring than paying attention to, valueless, etc.  Had some time on Saturday, more accurately, kids were out being kids and the project I am working on needed more time and not that much thought so it was movies in the background as well as a college football game.

Anonymous and the Call Center

Really liked updating this post from October 2013, still is 100% accurate even if I could change a few things, I didn’t.  Being a resource can be interpreted a few ways; you are actually the resource, the one getting things done.  Or, you are the resource because you shared one.  So some moments from the week;

Opening > Closing ?

One of the better things about working with “newer” people is you get to rethink both positive and negative moments.  Analyzing a situation and the steps create a refresher course for me and have even helped open my eyes to missed, unnecessary and better steps that can benefit all of us;

This post on closing vs. opening has continued to come up.  Sometimes it comes out as ” Just go make some new friends and see what happens…”  other times as ” Just see how you can help them..”  or “See if he/she is going to that event and if not invite them”

Dynamic underwriting exists…and somehow it is bad for customers

I’ve had my own run of claims as well as some others going on lately.  Fortunately, an occurrence that could have been claimed, sort of,  and a basic “How to handle a claim post”

Both are still accurate and both are somewhere between far from the truth and not enough.  I’ve long thought insurance functions as much like a credit card or bank loan than what people expect from insurance.  But, maybe I’m also abusing or misusing the word dynamic a bit.

Sales lines and ideas

Saw something yesterday and then read this and need to empty the brain.

  • I’m almost entirely certain that a membership fee of sorts is possible and likely for brokerages of the future
  • It does seem silly that Companies pay a commission for sales but a licensed professional essentially works for free
  • If it follows the rules of a commodity, it is.  Sure, the companies can separate from  each other based on behavior but THEY DON’T
  • With the rise and likely sustainability of influencer marketing, it is crazy to think of the loyalty that is available and wasted by insurance companies

Situational reading

I wrote, “Want to improve your world, start with reading this..” and I suppose I meant it in October 2012.  But, since then I’ve changed quite a bit and so has the world.

Coincidentally, I am in a bit of a reading lull.  My morning reading time is absorbed by writing and a larger project that needs to get done.  I also have several books and magazines backed up.  Fortunately, there is Audible and still a fair amount of driving happening so I am not completely without.

Please forget about me

Apparently, I was annoyed by the debates back in 2012, don’t worry, it is a brief post.

But, this line is worth building on

“Because they are afraid that they do not do enough good so if they stopped advertising you would forget them.”

On one hand, maybe you are right.  On the other, is this a bad thing?  So there are actual companies that will review your credit cards to see what, if any, auto payments you still have going that you may have forgotten.  Essentially, ” set it and forget it.”

Quotes aren’t free = the hidden tax

You’ve heard it, read it, been bombarded by it; Get your free auto insurance quote here…..

In case you were wondering, it isn’t free, you’re just not paying for it.  There is a difference.  Take a side track with me and think about the last golf outing you went to( I went on Thursday) or the last school function you went to(that was Friday), or various other non-obvious places that look and smell like “free.”

That free Ice Cream social is part of the book fair where I bought a book and then, kudos to them, rounded up my purchase to “donate” more to the cause.  I had already picked up Mums from the mum sale as well.

Adjusting the how based on who

On occasion, I slip and engage in online dialogue with pundits and consultants who just do not have the same experience, and I as them, but sometimes I take the bait.  It is simple posts like this one that is actually HUGE yet ignored.

I was reminded of this when commenting on a post about Credit Karma.  Yeah for them. They got their California insurance license and will thankfully help feed some headlines for a bit. Then, sometime in the future, they won’t.  But I’ll of still wasted time with people who really are looking to be heard who haven’t actually done what they are writing about.  Shame is on me, not them.