So I cracked my Windshield, now what?

Well Glass coverage, as it is commonly called, comes with your comprehensive coverage.  Pretty common here in New York and to be honest, I have no idea why you would want to have comprehensive coverage and not glass coverage.  Really, it comes down to a math equation.  Average new windshield cost is $200+ mine just cost my insurance company $341.22.  My comprehensive coverage is about $100 a year.  Not a bad gig for me nor is it a bad idea for most people.  Honestly could be the best value in all of insurance, also the most used.  Goes right there with your Towing and Labor coverage.

So about my experience.  Well the call in was as to be expected.  You call in to a call center on a Saturday morning and you get what you get.  So on Tuesday morning, since the shop is down the street from me I stopped in.  Pretty interesting to see how many windshields just one shop is prepared to fix in a day.  Now I would be the next morning so I made my arrangements and moved on.  Drop off went smooth then got bumpy but hey at 9:30 my car was ready as planned.  Bottom line, it was a basic solid experience.  Not much to talk about.

  • Nice that they vacumed out the car
  • Nice that they left some sort of Febreeze air freshner
  • Nice that it was basically “sign and drive”

Beyond that I was left wondering if I have any other options?  I know you are allowed to go wherever you want but to be honest do not eve know of anyone who can be close to as convenient.  Should there be?  yes, my guess there is a huge opportunity here, especially with some clever marketing.

For another time; should glass coverage be so inexpensive?

Should it just be included in comprehensive and not even an option?

Just some thoughts.