Took weeks of jabs and then a wonderful right hook

And actually the right hook was delivered by Seth Godin.  Having read Thank You Economy and Crush It I knew I would enjoy Gary’s latest but for some reason I kept delaying.  See I am attempting to consume all I can on-line but like a few other authors who bring great value to me it was time for me to do a little something in return.  Actually three copies were bought; 1 for me, 1 for Holly and 1 for a new potential partner.  With my copy read and highlighted it will now go to a potential new hire so I can speed up there learning curve.  So the review;

Let’s make rate increases more interesting

Generally, a conversation starts with  ” wow I got my renewal and the rate is up…”  followed by them explaining how they looked at last years policy and are now not happy.  How about this, if you are going to raise the rates you must put last years rate right next to the new one.  Followed by a sentence like;

” We raised our rates due to a tough year, sorry.”


” Your rate is up because we ran your motor vehicle report.  Please drive more responsibly.”


11 things from 11 years

So on the 11th day of the 11th month I have just finished 11 years in insurance.  Like most 11 year stretches there is a lot that has been learned.  But what stands out?  Well more then 11 things but I’ll pick 11 anyhow.

1. Reserve your loyalty for people not companies.  Although my first 8.5 was with one company, my last 2.5 have confirmed this statement.  You are a policyholder and they all like you as long as you are paying your bills and not having claims.  Mess up either of those two and see how much they like you.  Instead find a human being that can reciprocate your loyalty.