I’ll pay more….

for a good experience, especially one that brings some convenience to my life and if it saves time even better.  This isn’t to say I will grossly overpay for something or that I will not do some homework to make sure I am paying a reasonable price.  It is to say that it is my money and I am always trying to maximize any and all experiences.  If that means I can get the product/service I am looking for and buy from a person I like and all it costs is a few more dollars, count me in.

Just help me

Don’t sell me……….Help me buy

Don’t build to a close………build a relationship

Don’t “Ben Franklin” close me?………help me buy showing the why

No fear of loss…….stick to why you are a good person to buy

Don’t close me………..make me open to a new relationship

Shopping versus buying?

I figure when you are shopping you are not totally sure of what you want.  So what do you do, you call on a few companies, maybe ask some questions, hopefully you learn something.     Now if every offer you get is not the same what do you do?  How do you compare?

So if you are buying, I figure you know what you want.  You have set some clear, almost non-negotiable criteria and went out to look for it.  Now it doesn’t mean you do not take advice or that you are trying to overspend.  Instead I think it means you are not wasting time, you are getting a clear idea of what you are looking for and you ask others to present that.

A great day

I say it many times a week, since I have only 24 hours in a day(just like you) I am very careful with my time.  Specifically when it comes to who I CHOOSE to work with, yes I do not work with everyone that I speak with.  Today I cannot be grateful enough that Ms. “X” called.  She called prompted by a postcard offering tips on things to do in 2012 which was great.  All she saved was the part with my photo and contact info, actually was put together by Graphic Nature .  That felt great, it felt great that we have not spoken in around 5 years and she thought to call me when she had a problem.  But that was just the beginning.

Is it worth $5 a month?

What do you spend $5 a month on?  You spend $5 when you walk in Starbucks, you spend it on a lunch or breakfast out, lotto tickets, a treat at the supermarket, etc.  What else?  All sorts of things that give you an instantaneous bit of value to your life.  BUT why do you not apply this logic to spending $5 on improving the protection your family has?  $5 a month can buy a couple hundred thousand dollars in coverage.  $5 a month can add an endorsement to your policy that greatly enhances the value of what it covers.

The Endangered Species in insurance…

Is your rate staying the same year to year.  It does not happen often but it should be the goal of every agent and policy holder.  Some pieces of reality;

  • What is happening in the economy is not your problem, what is happening in YOUR economy is
  • Just because your company had a bad year does not mean you should pay more
  • It is a privilege for you to allow your company to insure YOU not the other way around
  • Inflation might be the worst excuse of all, 1% inflation does not equal 10% in insurance

My time in court

Well it happened, back in June I received a speeding ticket. Yes, I was absolutely speeding however I did plead not-guilty because;

  •  I believe I was not going as fast as the officer says I was
  • I know the implications to my insurance rates
  • I had never been to traffic court so thought it would be fun to go(seriously it was)

So yesterday was the big day, but really 1 hour 45 minutes, so some observations then the numbers.  I call this thoughts from court since there were no cell phones and no tweeting;

Logic versus fear

Flat Hot Dogs

Logic or Fear?

Interesting dilemma, do you sell or buy based on logic or fear.  If you spend a few minutes looking up choking statistics you can make a strong case you buy these out of fear.  See statistically there are much worse causes than hot dogs.  Logically you or I can say well if the flat hot dog eliminates this risk than it makes sense.  But does it?  Maybe it makes more sense to think through the whole problem; is the person seated, did they take a reasonable size bite are there adults near buy who can supervise end or help if something happens?