If you are good do you need to advertise?

Had a random encounter with a Tony nominated actress in a very popular Broadway show this weekend.  The thing is I did not know she was famous until I looked her up.  So she was a well regarded actress in a very popular show yet acted as polite and unassuming as anyone else on that street.

So many things to take away from this encounter beyond it being a cool moment in time.  The one that comes most to mind is if you really are that great, famous, have the best service, the best prices, the best features, etc.  It is ALWAYS better to have other people provide these comments and compliments than it is for you to advertise them.

FREE yet priceless

That is what I think when I think of an insurance agent.  See when you sign up through an agent you essentially hire a resource, an advocate, a personal shopper, a friend, a source of funds for your charity, a referral source, a new connection, etc.  You also spend locally and help strengthen your local economy.  Yet you do not pay for any of this the insurance company providing the coverage does.  Why would you not want to hire all those people for no additional money than what you already spend on insurance?  I have no idea.

Got Tenants? Get Renters Insurance….

That’s right if you have tenants make sure they get renters insurance!!  So why do you insist that your tenants get renters insurance TO PROTECT YOU.  That is right renters insurance actually protects you as the landlord.  Look at it as another layer of protection for you, your business and your assets and unlike your policy your tenant(s) pay for this one.

home insurance + house insurance = awesome value

Historically insuring where you live costs less than insuring what your drive.  Although this is finally starting to change it is still a huge bargain considering just what is at stake.  So, you buy the insurance to do what?  Cover this structure that you live in, keep your stuff in, raise a family in, make memories in, develop equity in, make neighborhood friends, decorate for holidays, renovate, customize, etc.  Yes, all those things and probably more.  So that is what insurance does.