The value of a second opinion

So if something is not quite right medically it is common practice to get a second opinion and maybe even a third.

If you are not happy with how your taxes turn out you will likely find a different accountant.

When doing improvements to your home many people thing you should have three or more contractors bid on the work.

What is not being advertised by insurance companies

If you own a mailbox, a radio, a t.v. or a computer you likely see an insurance company advertising one of two things; a “free” quote or some sort of a discount.  Reality is all quotes are free so that is a waste of advertising time.  The second reality is advertising discounts is really not helping anybody lower their rates for any more than an instant.  So, here is what you are not being told when it comes to lowering your rate;

1. Your personal history/statistics/characteristics can influence your rate as much as any discount.  Examples