The $639 tire and buying insurance

So somewhere in my travels to and from a new client one of my tires acquired a nail without my permission.  Now the tire needed replacing and there were children to pick up and another meeting to get to so my hand was forced.  There was a wonderful transaction with a very easy to deal with local merchant and 55 minutes later I had four new tires.  Could have done just the one but another needed replacing and the other two were not far behind.

So rather than getting the one tire fixed I new soon enough the other three would need it and decided it was best to look at them all and get it done all at once.  Same rule applies to your insurance.  You have multiple policies that need reviewing.  It is much more efficient to have your broker/agent do it all at once.  There will not always be a savings however looking at all four at once gives you a better chance.  Looking at all four, or more just going on the tire theme,  also may allow you to include more companies which creates a potentially better buying process.  Not to mention a whole in one policy could negate the work you did on the other four so fixing the one you least suspect could pay huge down the road.

Increasing your income without another job…

Yes, you actually can and the investment is only a couple of hours per year.  How do you do it?  Keep up with your annual reviews.

Dentist, Doctor, Attorney, Accountant, Insurance Broker, etc.  Yes in most instances there is a “preventative maintenance” feature to all of these.  Factually they all save you in the long run and when it comes to the accountant and insurance broker you should be able to profit from these meetings in the short term.

So with the dentist and the doctor you go in and get a cleaning or a physical and hope things go fine.  If they do you have saved an expense and possibly prevented a larger one.  Not to mention you are healthy which is priceless!!

Now when it comes to the accountant or insurance broker a little thought goes a long way.  Keeping up with your accountant is critical to not paying more than you need to and hopefully getting a refund.  Same thing with the insurance guy/gal are they planning or just giving you a quote?  Can you be made more attractive to the companies they have?  Are they looking at all options?  Have you completed any safety courses?

Bottom line is you add up all your potential annual check ups and there are thousands of dollars at stake.