In case of emergency…

Where are your documents?  Scanned and stored in the cloud?  Hard copies?  Both?

Do you know the number to call if you have a claim?  Take a minute and add your insurance company(s) phone number to your contacts.  Add in your policy numbers as well.  This would save a lot of time in the event of a claim.

Is there an ID card in your glove box?  MOST ID cards have a phone number for your company and/or agent on them as well.

Have you inventoried some or all of your stuff?  You should

Do you have a go to auto body shop?  Not a big deal if you don’t but it helps.

Do you have a contractor?  Maybe one who has worked on your home before?  They don’t all want insurance work but definitely good to know one.

Got trees?  Have a tree person.  At worse, next time one is in the neighborhood go interview them and save their information.

What professionals do you see each year?

So the obvious one for most people is the doctor, most insurance companies pay for an annual physical so hopefully you use it.  How about the accountant who does your taxes?  If you use a financial planner I hope you are checking in at least once if not twice or even four times a year.  You probably even see the dentist once a year as well.

Why not your insurance consultant?

Insurance is the foundation for any financial plan.  That’s right any financial plan that is expected to work has insurance as some piece of it, more than likely it is the foundation.  So yes, your insurance consultant should be on your list of annual appointments.  It may actually be shorter than any of the others, possibly less intrusive and should cost you nothing.  You might even be paid to make the appointment if you are able to find some savings opportunities that weren’t available the year before.

So, as you plan out your year, about 30 days before your renewal get in the calendar for your insurance review.

UPDATE 6/8/2015

This is as true as it has ever been.  Reality is you can think of the personal and commercial insurance markets along similar lines as the stock market or other financial markets.  Almost constant flux which seems to be dictated behind closed doors by people who have not adapted to the consumer buying patterns of 2015.  The fact is this; if you go any more than a year you are at risk of overpaying for your basic insurance needs.

Why would you want to or worse why would you willingly overpay for anything?

Well the fact is the convenience of many things as well as the laziness inherit with others certainly contributes.  But, if done correctly, your time contribution each year should be less than sixty minutes.  In all likelihood less than thirty minutes.  Consider that you should find a $200+ savings and I would say it is likely worth your time.

Just some thoughts.  Check ups are good even if they may seem like a nuisance.