Pride and standards

Overwhelmed to see the amount of pride a nation can show.  Refreshing to see a positive event gain  this much exposure.  At the same time it is tremendous to see standards being upheld and principles as well as tradition being maintained despite any outside pressures.

If an entire nation can do this for a wedding I would hope individuals could keep their standards high and not compromise their principles.  Let’s set a standard of how we want to be treated and keep it.  Let’s not pander to promises of lower prices and tons  of discounts.  Set your own standard for what you want and what is important to you and stick to it, imagine the amount of mail you will get to ignore.

5/15/2015  This was written after watching the royal wedding take place.  In hindsight, the world has not changed much.  Still lots of broken moral compassses.  Still industries full of people laying down and letting the world happen to them.