Appreciate your agent…if

Yes I believe the agent, me, works for you, the customer.  This is no different than any time you are spending money on a product or service.  This relationship tends to go better if you appreciate the person providing the product or service.  How do you do this?

UPDATE 5/19/2015

How do you “appreciate”‘ the person you are paying for a service?

  1. Give them a chance to work for you.
  2. Rather than carrying over the poor previous experience you may have had give your potential new agent the chance to shine without thinking he or she is as bad as the last one.
  3. Ask questions without questioning.  You should ask lots of questions and the agent should have lots of answers.  BUT, at some point you need to trust the person you hire.
  4. You pay them.  As they saying goes, ” A deal is a deal…”
  5. Life happens and buying  insurance is no acception.  Remember, we are all, first and foremost, human.

Sure we could get into buying gifts, sending referrals, etc.  But these five are a great start.


Just some thoughts.