What does your agent have?

Couldn’t help but have this thought after getting an awful solicitation from a local agent.  First the letter had old information for vehicles I have not owned in 5 years.  More important the coverage was not very good.  To my knowledge this is a really solid agent so it kind of makes me wonder if he even knew what he was mailing.

Life is simple, so is marketing; know what you are sending.  Make it useful not just a solicitation.

12 things to do in 2012

3 months to go, what have you done?

12 things to do in 2012 to help your bottom line

  1. Get your teeth cleaned
  2. Update your life insurance
  3. Get a physical
  4. Review your auto insurance(Call Bill)
  5. Get your furnace serviced
  6. Donate to a charity or cause
  7. See your accountant
  8. Review your home insurance(Call Bill)
  9. Review your health insurance
  10. Update your will
  11. Take a driving course(www.theinsurancebill.com)
  12. Smile More